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You will always leave with a smile on your face. That is our promise to you.

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Upper Markham Smiles serving the oral health care of people of all ages. Our priority is to establish an environment of a healthy smile. We work in the area of dental care with our team of experts. Dr. Jag is an experienced dentist. Our services reflect a spectrum of specialized and general oral care with advanced technology. We are proud to declare that we are pioneers in executing new technology in the areas of Dental Implants, Invisalign to Cosmetic Dentistry. We stay abreast of participating in educational seminars to implement the latest advances in our field of work.


Dr Jag is graduted from the Arthur A. Dugoni school of dentistry, San Francisco, one of the most prestigious dental schools of North America in 2010.

Dr. Jag has vast experience in the field of Dentistry. Dr. Jag combines an exceptional education, extensive clinical experience, and long-standing personal dedication to improving his patients dental health allowing him to bring outstanding health and beauty to his patient’s smiles. Dr Jag and his professional team members are committed to providing the highest quality, comprehensive and individualized dental care. They have collectively dedicated themselves to ensuring that each person is treated with compassion and respect and that each visit to the dental office is an enjoyable experience.

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Creating Beautiful Smiles

Dr.Jag is a prominent name in the field of Dental Care. It is the dedication of our doctor in improving and growing the oral treatment, procedure, and technologies in the most effective and modern way in restorative, general, surgical, and cosmetic oral care services. Their experience grows according to the latest technologies allowing patients to have a dental procedure to be pain-free. Any kind of dental problem whether it is an infection, tooth decay, gum bleeding or surgery, our specialized dentist has experience in handling all cases. We provide high-quality service at an affordable dental cost to make you smile brightly.

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